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I went to LA yesterday to see the CinemaScope55 print of Carousel that was just restored.  It was beautiful. Shirley was supposed to be there, but scheduling conflicts in filming prevented her from coming.  We were told that she had to film until 11:00 PM.  What a schedule! ::Sigh::

Though I was disappointed that Shirley couldn't make it there, Susan Luckey did appear and she was adorable. Did anyone know that Carousel was dubbed entirely!?? I didn't. This is my new acquistion of knowledge from Miss Luckey.  She said the cameras were so noisy that you couldn't hear the actors over it, so they had to dub every single line of the movie. I can't imagine that.

I found the clothes and the colors were so vivid compared to watching the DVD. The details were gorgeous though. The fellow that did the remastering said that they were going to try to take the print on tour. So, maybe some day some of you can catch it--if you do, don't miss the chance. 

Here's the link for more information about the event and under the cut are two flyers for it.


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