Emily (miss_laurey) wrote in shirleymaejones,


What's everyone up to today? Well I'd just like to say a few words if you don't mind my sayin so;) Lately for the past few nights they've been playing the Carousel soundtrack on my brother's radio station! I listened to it a little, but not the whole thing, my brother did though and he said that they talked about Gordon and Shirley! Ain't that wonderful, talkin' about them two wonderful people though. *sigh* Anyway, I made a community and wasn't sure if I'se alowed to promote here, but it's a Gordon and Shirley community, it's been around for a while but I never got to work on it. Please join though, PLEASE join! I beg of you! *drops down on knees* Well, I hope to see you guys around, you've been kind of quiet, and please keep this community active, I hate when a community or message board dies! I talk too much, I think I'm even annoying myself!

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